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I am grateful for these kind words of appreciation from prior clients.

I enjoyed working collaboratively with each individual and cheering them on to greater health and wellness.        ~ Jessica

"My work with Jessica has had a profound impact on my sense of well-being and I am grateful for her every day. Her gentle nature and effective guidance gives me the knowledge and empowerment to make the choices that are right for me in a mindful manner. I love the way that the functional nutrition approach is tailored to exactly what my body is asking for- I can actually feel the improvement from the supplements Jessica recommended after my functional evaluation. I have more energy and a clearer mind, and my body even effortlessly shed some extra weight it had been carrying for years. For anyone who cares about their lifelong wellness, I highly recommend working with Jessica.”        ~ Emily Norquist ~                                                            

"Jessica was recommended to me by a friend after I expressed my concerns for my discomfort and lack of movement I was experiencing in my hands. When I met with Jessica she was very present and made me feel very at ease for what I was concerned with. After meeting with her I left feeling very fulfilled with the information and exercises needed to better my hands. She followed up with me, at which point I was able to express my excitement for my progress in getting my mobility back in my hands. She is caring and kind and very knowledgeable in what she does. She helped bring back life to my hands."        ~ Meredith Bleier ~

“Jessica was able to help me work towards my goals by providing me with an extremely kind and supportive environment, obtaining all of the information I needed to be successful, going above and beyond to research questions that needed further research, celebrating my small successes and always believing in my ability to change for the better. The biggest tangible change I have noticed is in my outlook and attitude. I feel like I can stick with this for life. I feel capable of making my own choices, and am able to control myself. My health has improved. I’m not so tired and I have more energy. I no longer see good health as an impossibility. I see it as something to work towards every day, while simultaneously enjoying indulgences in moderation. I don’t feel like I’m missing out. I just feel better in every way. Jessica is a genuinely loving, caring individual whose mission is to uplift others, help them be at peace in the body and mind, and to see themselves positively. She is a calm and kind guiding light. Because of Jessica, I was able to change my habits for the better. I would recommend Jessica to someone who is ready to see health and life in a new way. Also someone who is looking for a holistic approach to health because everything is connected and it all comes together to help you form your strongest self.”        ~ Megan Batal ~

" Jessica gave me numerous resources, advice, and support. I feel my mindset has been shifted towards a healthy lifestyle. I've learned that being healthy is more than just losing weight.  Jessica was supportive, motivating, and was always willing to help me in a way that fit me. She would do research and give solutions to things I needed. She was super helpful and seemed to love what she does. I recommend Jessica to everyone looking for a healthier life. She can help you change."                         ~ Nicole Park ~

“Through the two months I worked with Jessica, I believed she demonstrated a tremendous amount of restraint, as she was full of new information and ideas just waiting for me to “get on board”. I appreciated her patience and am grateful that she allowed me a gentle
transition into a new diet. Her passion for the methodology is evident and her natural ability to educate rather than lecture will help future clients share her passion as a result. She definitely “practices what she preaches” and that makes her genuine. She made suggestions rather than dictate a game plan to me and as a result I truly feel part of the process. I appreciate that she took the time to explain all of the various testing steps. I was very impressed with her timely summaries of all our meetings. I still look back at these emails for direction. I am a better shopper thanks to her and I would like to think healthier.”                              ~ Michele Gordon ~

"Jessica is passionate about and dedicated to her work and guided me towards greater wellness, with an emphasis on digestive health which was a priority for me. She has the patience to dive into the details about one's lifestyle and diet and the tools to track progress which was super helpful in fine-tuning a treatment plan and motivating me to commit to the recommended treatments which included dietary advice, supplementation and a variety of selfcare measures. I recommend her for anyone looking for a greater sense of wellness!"                                    ~ April Grisetti ~

"Before health coaching with Jessica, I thought of health mostly in terms of diet and exercise. Health is so much more! Jessica helped me find balance in life. By the time I finished my coaching sessions I had a healthier, happier lifestyle. Furthermore, I was empowered to use the techniques I learned to keep my life in balance. As a busy mom, I was always trying to squeeze in time for myself around everyone else’s schedule. Jessica empowered me to flex my “no” muscle: I was able to “find” time to prioritize my own health and wellbeing. Although I met with Jessica alone; My whole family benefited!         ~ Caroline Stewart ~

“Jessica listened to me spaciously and non-judgmentally, provided scientific and evidence based information to support me on my wellness journey, and reminded me of my strengths. Jessica is professional, a patient listener, an eloquent and thoughtful communicator, an open-minded person, and an overall calming presence. I would recommend Jessica to anyone who is struggling with digestive and/or food-related health issues. Receiving her help has been a steadying, affirming, and rewarding process. She made the path to self-acceptance seem much more attainable. I am thankful that she reminded me to really feel the feelings of relief and comfort when they arrive, and that it IS possible to give that to myself, daily. I also thank her for reminding me that there is no need to base how I feel on how my belly looks one day. And even though some circumstance, some days, are not ideal, I know to tell myself, “Regardless of what happens, I’m going to keep loving you through it, I’m here for you, and that’s not going to change.” Visits with Jessica have been pictures of such a beautiful process. Despite how easily I could break down or blow away in the face of something sad, or terrible, or beautiful, she validated my feelings every step of the way. She called me worthy, simply by listening.”                     ~ Linda Gaida ~

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